The shipping industry currently emits 3% of all the greenhouse gases in the world. Therefore, it is more than relevant that the shipping industry and the port authorities start to invest in decarbonisation, searching for the implementation of zero emission technologies.Today, there are quite a lot of obstacles in order to realise a full-scale use of zero emissions fuels on board of the ships and vessels. In order to tackle some of these obstacles, the ISHY project will investigate the following working fields:

  • testing of the effectiveness of the low carbon propulsion technologies
  • demonstrating the feasability of H2 bunkering-facilities in a port
  • prepare tools to support the transition to low-carbon propulsion systems for both retrofitting and building of new ships

Therefore the following concrete actions will take place

  • retrofitting of a CTV
  • retrofitting of an inland barge with a hydrogen base hybrid propulsion system
  • the building of a new river cruise vessel with an electric propulsion system
  • the development of a H2 fuel cell module, to be used in vessels
  • the development and installation of a H2 bunkering station for vessels at the port of Oostende

This will be supported by:

  • the development of business cases, related to retrofitting and building of new ships
  • tool for the certification of vessels, utilising low carbon propulsion technologies
  • testing and monitoring in real life circumstances

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