1. Related international cooperation projects on hybrid shipping

a. Interreg VB NW E  H2ships :

H2SHIPS – System-Based Solutions for H2-Fuelled Water Transport in North-West Europe | Interreg NWE (nweurope.eu)

The Hydrogen Solution within H2 Ships: creating the H2 value chain in shipping

Advantages of hydrogen propulsion technologies over conventional combustion engines are considerable: Hydrogen can be converted into mechanical or electrical energy completely free of any emission. In addition, hydrogen propulsion systems operate silently and require less maintenance.

Hydrogen propulsion is already close to full market maturity and  is the only option that allows total decarbonisation of waterborne transport with high efficiency and high energy density. Its uptake requires dedicated infrastructure, close to end users.

With predictable routes and proximity with other industries, water transport proves particularly well suited to hydrogen solutions. H2SHIPS aims to kick-start the necessary value chain.

More information can be found on : H2SHIPS – Hydrogen for shipping – YouTube

b. zepp.Solutions :

Hydrogen-electric terminal tractor tested at Antwerp Euroterminal – zepp.solutions

2. Related business cases of hybrid shipping and shipbuilding

a. Bristol Hydrogen Boats

Already in 2012, the “Hydrogenesis has been built by the company Bristol Hydrogen Boats. The ferry can carry 12 passengers and 2 crew. The vessel has been awarded.

More information can be found on : http://www.bristolhydrogenboats.co.uk/index.html

b. Ushakovo shipyard – Real Ships: Houseboat Voyage ECO 1500 (Low Carbon Emission Vessel)

The Ushakovo shipyard in Kaliningrad has built a full electric vessel, that can be used for cruising on inland waterways. The vessel has been certified for European waters.
The Houseboat Voyage ECO 1500 has been launched on the boat show in Düsseldorf and is an attractive vessel, especially in times of covid19.

More information about this vessel can be found on: Houseboat Voyage 1500 Eco EN – Ushakovo Yards LTD – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures (nauticexpo.com)

As to the operations of the Houseboat Vovage ECO 1500, please check the following video: Хаусбот (дом на воде) REAL SHIPS VOYAGE 1500 ECO – YouTube

More information about the Ushakovo shipyard can be found : Официальный сайт судостроительной компании “Ушаковские верфи” в Калининграде (real-ships.ru)