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NEWS: Hydrocat 48 from CMB.TECH and Windcat Workboats is the world’sfirst hydrogen-powered crew transfer vessel. Since July 21, Hydrocat 48 hasbeen bunkering hydrogen in Port Oostende and will make this its operationalbase for the coming months.
The 25 meter long CTV can carry a total of 210 kgof hydrogen in the tanks and is powered by a dual fuel engine.
CMB.TECH and Windcat Workboats are working on the further optimization ofthe engine powers and the increased use of hydrogen. The long-term plan is todevelop technology and infrastructure to use mono fuel option.

In the near future it is planned that this ship will bunker
hydrogen via thehydrogen station of ISHY in Port Oostende.



14/10/2022 – International Knowledge Cluster Meeting @ Delft (NL)

07/11/2022 – Partner Meeting @ Drimmelen (NL)
More information will be shared soon


ISHY (Implementation of Ship Hybridisation) aims at the development, testing and validation of technical tools and business models for the implementation of hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies in vessels and ports, in order to increase the adoption of low carbon technology in the shipping and port sectors. Therefore, existing vessels will be retrofitted, new vessels will be built as well as appropriate bunkering facitilies.