Contact person: Rosco Ephraïm




Edisonweg 37 D1
4382 NV Vlissingen


Impuls offers the helping hand for (innovative) entrepreneurs in the province of Zeeland. We are independent and business-like. Our employees help companies in financing, growth and establishment in Zeeland. We are also active as Project developer in various sectors in Zeeland. We support businesses and networks to come from an idea to an ambitious and realistic project plan, which is clear and strongly supported by all major stakeholders. With our extensive regional network, we are hooked to knowledge institutions, are close to regional government and maintain relations with the adjacent regions. Within this big network we fulfil a central and connecting role.

Ishy project activities

Stimulate active involvement of regional businesses and stakeholders within a major energy transition challenge: realizing cleaner inland shipping by using hybrid propulsion solutions. The actual implementation of hybrid ships is necessary to help realizing the required electric/LNG/H2 bunkering infrastructure.