Contact person: Wim Stubbe




Slijkensesteenweg 2,
8400 Oostende


The port of Oostende is an SME Port, directly situated at the North Sea coast, focusing on the following maritime and industrial activities :
• Blue industry and offshore renewable energy (wind/wave - outer port), supported by the research facilities at the Bluebridge business incubator, a new wave and towing tank and and the Blue accelerator
• Circular economy , involving new technologies for the reconversion of non-ferro metals, asphalt, plastics, polyester, construction materials into new materials, ready for the industry and the construction-sector..
• Project cargo and bulk logistics, supported by the only Belgian heavy load-quay, able to carry up to 20 tons/m², and a heavy-load RoRo-pontoon, able to carry 600 tons.
• SME sustainable chemical industry (SEVESO-area in the inner port):
• RoRo-connectivity: for offshore wind operations
• Cruises, attracted by the Atlantic Wall, the center for Belgian Art and highly estimated gastronomy
• Fisheries and aquaculture at sea and on land

The port of Oostende is multimodal connected :
• direct and efficient access to the North sea,
• directly connected to the A10 and the European motorway system
• connected to the European railway system, including a railway platform
• Inland navigation and the installed quay infrastructure for inland barges and coasters, up till 4000 tons.
• close cooperating with the airport of Oostende (air cargo hub )

Ishy project activities

The port of Oostende has gained its first experience with hydrogen fuels in 2018 with the operations of the Hydroville and the organisation of the temporary H2 bunkering facilities , in order to fuel the Hydroville.
Considering the future of the marine fuels in shipping, and the arrival of new types of fuels, it is of major importance for SME ports to be able to diversify the supply of marine fuels. The introduction of hydrogen fueling will be a major step in order to support the process of carbon reduction in shipping. Therefore, the port of Ootende will support the action whereby a bottom-fixed bunkering-station will be established within the outer port, in order to serve the CTV and other vessels, that might consider the use of hydrogen.